Job 3 - The Saddest Lament in the Bible - May 5, 2019

What’s the saddest song you’ve ever heard?  Do you like sad songs?  Do you think they help you purge emotion when you need to? 


Should a Christian mourn or lament?  If yes, how should a Christian mourn or lament trying times in life?  If not, why shouldn’t a Christian lament?


Do you often think “if only” or “if this hadn’t happened . . .”?


What’s the lowest feeling you’ve ever had?  Have you ever wished you’d never been born?  Have you ever wished it were just all over with?


What does the believer have to look forward to in this life?  What does the believer have to look forward to in eternity?  Do these expectations help you make it through each day?


Do you have any friends that need help lamenting?  How could you help them?

Proverbs 1 - The Preamble to Proverbs - November 18, 2018

Which life sounds like more fun, the life of the wise or the life of the fool?


Have you ever felt like a fool?  When?  What happened?


Have you ever heard conventional wisdom and thought it had to be wrong?  Do you still think so?


How well are you at receiving instruction?  How well do you do with taking orders?


Young People:  What have you done to make your parents proud?  What could you do to make your parents proud?  Do you value pleasing your parents?


Adults:  Is there anything you know you’re too stubborn to ever admit you’re wrong about?  Why? 


Have you ever tried to take a major decision out to its logical end?  What was the result?