Job 9, 13, 19 - Tough Lessons - May 19, 2019

What is the hardest lesson you have had to learn?  What was the difficult time surrounding it that you were going through?

 What would your life be like if you hadn’t learned that lesson?  Would you be where you are now?

 If that difficult time was necessary in order to learn this lesson, would you say the difficult time was then worth it in order to be who God has made you today?

 What might have made that lesson easier to learn?  How long did it take to learn the lesson? 

 Do you think God is teaching you anything now? 

Job 3 - The Saddest Lament in the Bible - May 5, 2019

What’s the saddest song you’ve ever heard?  Do you like sad songs?  Do you think they help you purge emotion when you need to? 


Should a Christian mourn or lament?  If yes, how should a Christian mourn or lament trying times in life?  If not, why shouldn’t a Christian lament?


Do you often think “if only” or “if this hadn’t happened . . .”?


What’s the lowest feeling you’ve ever had?  Have you ever wished you’d never been born?  Have you ever wished it were just all over with?


What does the believer have to look forward to in this life?  What does the believer have to look forward to in eternity?  Do these expectations help you make it through each day?


Do you have any friends that need help lamenting?  How could you help them?