1 Corinthians 11:17-34 - The Issue that Caused The Issue - May 27, 2018

Which term have you used for this sacrament or ritual in your church heritage?  The Lord’s Supper? Mass?  Communion?  The Eucharist? 


We eat the Lord’s Supper once a month at this church.  In your heritage, how often did you take it?  How special is it to you?


What goes through your mind while preparing to eat the Lord’s Supper?


Does eating the Lord’s Supper make you feel more united with your church family?


Is there a group of people in our church that you are suspicious of?  Why are you suspicious of them?


Is there a group that you’d rather not be there?  Why?


What can you do to get close to them?

1 Corinthians 11:1-16 - Unique, but Equal and Priceless - May 20, 2018

In what ways do you think society pits people against the opposite sex? 

Do you feel like you’ve been treated badly by the opposite sex?  In what ways?  Do you think you’ve ever treated the opposite sex badly yourself?  Have you confessed that to the Lord?

Do you think this battle of the sexes exists in churches?  In what ways?

Have you ever thought too much of yourself?

For women:  What feminine qualities do you often feel you lack? Are those qualities which the world pressures you to have or are they truly biblical qualities?  Have you prayed about these?

For men:  What masculine qualities do you often feel you lack?  Are those qualities which the world pressures you to have or are they truly biblical qualities?  Have you prayed about these?

In what way can you help the opposite sex flourish in our church?

1 Corinthians 8 - Mutual Edification over Personal Ethics - April 8, 2018

What moral grey areas do you think exist in the Christian life?


What moral issues in society do you wish the Bible gave a more clear command about?


Have you ever had a dispute with another Christian over some more issue?  Whether or not __________ is a sin?


What are some things you do that you know other Christians do not do because they think it’s wrong?


What are some things that other Christians do that you do not do because you think it’s wrong?


Have you ever just kept your mouth shut because you knew that if you expressed your opinion it would cause a fight?  Have you ever wished you’d kept your mouth shut because when you expressed your opinion you lost a relationship with someone you cared about?


What’s more important in the church, being unified about things we agree upon or defining precisely which position we take on every moral issue?

Luke 24 - Plot Twist - April 1, 2018

What is your favorite story?  What do you like about it?  What was the major conflict in that story?

 If you were writing the story of your life, would it be a comedy or a tragedy?

 What has been the plot of your life?  Man vs. Nature; Man vs. Man; Man vs. Himself; Man vs. God?

 What’s been the great hope you’ve had that has kept you going during the hard times?

 What has been one of the low moments in your life?  Do you still feel low?

 What turn of events would re-write the story of your life?

John 12:12 - The Triumphal Entry - March 25, 2018

If Jesus came to your house, would you be excited or terrified?  Why?

When in your life did Jesus make you so excited you wanted to celebrate?  How did you celebrate?

Have you ever felt like Jesus was confronting you about something in your life?  What did the confrontation feel like?  How did you respond?

Do you have any special plans for this year on Holy Week?  What might be a good way to reflect on the work of Jesus during Holy Week?  

1 Cor 7 - Two Noble Lives, One Eternal Destiny - March 18, 2018

What kind of life did you dream of as a teenager?  If you’re a teenager, what kind of life do you dream about now?


Did life turn out like you’d hoped?  What if life doesn’t turn out like you’re hoping?


How much time do you spend wishing life were different?  Has it made life different?


When life imposes circumstances you can’t control, what do you think is the godly response?


What’s the best way to live for God in your real life right now?


What attitude changes would you have to make for that to be possible?

Galatians 5:22-23 - What is the Result of the Christian Life? - March 11, 2018

What’s the most important ethic that your family passed on to you?  Have you done anything to try to pass that on to your children, if you have children?


How do you think God wants you to live?  If you have children, have you tried to help them understand that?


What is the greatest love story you’ve ever seen, heard, read?  How did the loved ones in the story prove their love?


Describe how God has proven his love in your understanding of it.

1 Cor 7:17-24 - Not My Final State - Feb 25, 2018

Do you often fear that you’ll never be able to rise above your circumstances?

What circumstance are you in right now that you think makes others look down on you?  Is there one?

How important has marital status been for you in life? 

Do you ever think there are normal Christians and then there are SUPER Christians?  What makes a super-Christian super?

Is there anything you’ve been striving to receive that you think will make your life complete?  In light of eternity, will it really do that?

1 Cor 6:12-20 - Who's Calling the Shots? - Feb 18, 2018

What personal mantras do you have?  What rules do you live by?  What’s your personal philosophy of life and justice?

Have you ever come across any passages of scripture that contradicted your personal philosophies?  How did you react?

Do you feel free in Christ or do you feel regulated?  Does the Christian life limit the activities you’d like to do?  Which ones?  Do you easily submit or easily rebel?

How do you feel about your health and lifestyle?  Do you feel like your body is a vehicle or a prison to you?

Is there any part of your lifestyle that doesn’t honor God?  Which part needs some reshaping so that it might honor God more?

How do you see God most of the time: Father?  Friend?  Lord? Teacher?  How does that affect your obedience to him?

1 Cor 4 - The Clergy and The Parishioners - Jan 7, 2018

Who do you consider to be a spiritual authority over you?  Anyone?  Who led you to Christ? Who has given you most of the Biblical and doctrinal training that you’ve received?


Have you ever found yourself in rebellion against authority, whether spiritual or otherwise?  Looking back now, was that a good thing or not?


Paul says in this passage that he doesn’t judge himself and his own obedience to Christ.  Have you ever done any self-evaluation?  If you were not doing so well spiritually speaking, do you think you could recognize the “voice” of the Holy Spirit telling you what you ought to do?


Do you think the life and work of ministers is difficult or easy?  What sort of tasks do you think they do on a regular basis?  What do you perceive would be the hardest part of being a pastor or minister?  What do you perceive would be the most rewarding part of a minister’s job?