Elders Raise Up Elders - 1 Tim 3:1-7 - Nov. 20, 2016

Are you close to any of our church’s current elders?  What do you appreciate about the work they do here?


Have you ever desired to be an elder in a church?  Do you have the desire to grow and help others grow in Christ?


What areas of your life reflect the character of an elder?  Which areas of your life could stand a little more maturity and growth in order to fit with this description?


Do you value holiness, sobriety, and chastity?  Does your lifestyle reflect this?


Do you value Christian growth and biblical scholarship?


Have you ever taught the Bible to another person?  Do you think that’s a very difficult job?  Could you learn that skill?


What are some of the wrong reasons a person might have for becoming an elder?  How could you tell what another person’s motives are?


Have you prayed about this process?  Would you?  Please set aside some time now to do so