Bad Coping Mechanisms - Genesis 12:10-13:2 - Dec 4th, 2016

What’s your most common coping mechanism?  Food?  Entertainment? Drugs and Alcohol? Porn? Anger?


Is that a healthy coping mechanism?  What will it lead to in the end?


How do you think God feels when you don’t take your problems and concerns to him?


Think about the difficulties you’re going through now.  Spend some time in prayer telling God exactly how you feel about them.  Don’t hold back.  Let him know everything. Apologize to him for not trusting him and instead trusting in whatever else you trusted in.


Now ask God for grace and empowerment to face the difficulty without your usual coping mechanism.


Ask God to help you stand against the temptation of coping in sinful ways.


Pray for another person you know who is going through hard times.  Ask that they will cope by turning to God and not to an unhealthy and useless practice.