March 20, 2016 - Mt 9 - At the Table with the 'Wrong' People

In your home growing up, who were portrayed as the 'bad' people?

Have you ever spent time with them?  Were they as 'bad' as you'd been told?

Would you say you're a bad person who knows you are bad, like Zacchaeus?  Or are you a bad person who thinks you're good, like a Pharisee?  Are you a saved and redeemed person with faith in Christ who still thinks you're bad?  Do you need to redefine who you are based on the Gospel?

Are there people around you in your daily life who need Christ?  Do you 'must' need to reach out to them?

What's the best way for you to earn the right to speak the truth with love to a non-Christian?

Are you willing to invite someone to sit around your table with you and let life's most important questions be raised and discussed?  Who is the first person you could invite?  Make a plan.