April 17, 2016 - Who is the Greatest? - Mark 9

Mark 9:30-50 – Who is the Greatest?

Are you a competitive person?  Have you ever been the top dog in a group?  Have you ever been at the bottom of a group? How did you feel in that position?


 Why do people become territorial about their ministry niche in a church? What are the dangers of being territorial at work or in a church?


I read this in a commentary this week:  “We shall be preserved by that which slays the sins that would otherwise slay us.”  What sin might be working to slay you?  What uncomfortable process might the Lord be trying to take you through in order to save you from it?


What ministry niche are you drawn to at this church?  How involved are you in that niche? 


If you’re very involved in a niche, what are you doing to try to replicate yourself in another person?  If you’re not involved, who would you like to learn from so that you can be very actively involved in a niche in this church?