The Author and Finisher's Work - Sept. 11, 2016 - Colossians 1:1-14

Colossians 1:1-14The Author and Finisher’s Work

What changes have been made in your life as a result of believing in Jesus?  Have they been positive or negative?


As a Christian, what other changes do you expect God wants to make in your life?


Has God ever wanted to change something about you that you didn’t think needed to be changed?


How do you react when God wants you to do something you don’t want to do?


Do you think it will be worth to make the kinds of changes God desires to make in your life?


If you want to go along with a change God wants to make, but “the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak”, what do you do?  In other words, when you find that you don’t have what it takes to change, what do you do?


What would be the result if you don’t surrender to those changes?


What do you think our church would be like if everyone was working towards greater surrender to the Spirit of God in our lives?