Acts 8 & 10 - Crossing Boundaries - Oct. 1, 2017

How do you view change?  Is it because God is against you or because he wants to put you into a particular place to do a particular ministry?


Do you tend to be attracted to people who are very different from you or do you tend to avoid people who are very different from you?  Are you curious about or suspicious of people who are different from you?


Have you ever reached out to a person who was very different from you because you could tell they were hurting and needed something that you could provide for them?


Do you think people generally feel welcomed at our church or are there “signs” that you think turn people away?  What could you do to make sure new people feel more welcome here among us?


Is there any kind of ministry that you think is desperately needed in our community that our church doesn’t address?  Would you be willing to head up that new ministry initiative?