Acts 1 - Becoming the Church - August 20, 2017

Becoming the Church – Acts Chapter One

What do you think the Mission of the Church is?  Why do we meet?  What does God intend to do through us?


What do you think is the vision God has for the worldwide Church?  What about for our local congregation?


Do you ever think of other churches in the area or around the country or around the world as being an extension of us and who we are?  What is your attitude toward them?


Do you think you, as a believer, have any kind of mission for how you think God wants to use your life for His purposes?  Do you have any kind of vision for what you think God wants to accomplish through you in the different compartments of your life?


Do you know how to present the gospel?  Take out a piece of paper, or open a Word document.  Imagine someone came up to you and said, “I’d like to hear the gospel.  Can you tell it to me?”  Now, write out what you’d say back to them.  Do you think that is a good, accurate gospel presentation?