Acts 4 - Distinct from the Rest - Sept 3, 2017

Have you ever had a relationship that became strained because of your faith in Christ?  Did you expect that to happen? What was the result?


Why do you think that someone’s faith in Christ may cause them to have friction with another person?


What are some Bible passages that come to mind when you think about reconciliation with God and with others?


In what ways have you been intentional about separating yourself from the world?  (When I say “world” where, I don’t mean the earth, I mean non-Christian lifestyle and influence which doesn’t please God.)


What unintentional, consequential separation has taken place?


How do you react to people with whom you are separated because of your faith in Christ?  How do you view people who do not approve of Christ, Christianity, or Christians?


Please take a few moments to pray for some people you are close to who do not believe in Christ.  Pray for their reconciliation with God.