1 Cor 6:12-20 - Who's Calling the Shots? - Feb 18, 2018

What personal mantras do you have?  What rules do you live by?  What’s your personal philosophy of life and justice?

Have you ever come across any passages of scripture that contradicted your personal philosophies?  How did you react?

Do you feel free in Christ or do you feel regulated?  Does the Christian life limit the activities you’d like to do?  Which ones?  Do you easily submit or easily rebel?

How do you feel about your health and lifestyle?  Do you feel like your body is a vehicle or a prison to you?

Is there any part of your lifestyle that doesn’t honor God?  Which part needs some reshaping so that it might honor God more?

How do you see God most of the time: Father?  Friend?  Lord? Teacher?  How does that affect your obedience to him?