1 Cor 3 - Why Are You Fighting if You Already Have Everything? - Dec 31, 2017

Obvious problem – Specific Symptom – The Danger of Not Addressing It – The Remedy – The Root Cause of the Whole Problem


What sign of spiritual immaturity do you see in yourself?  What have you done to try to remedy that problem?  Has it helped?


What do you think is the root problem that causes the immaturity?  What are you desperate for that causes you to act out in these ways?


What is the danger in not addressing this problem?  Can you see the end result down the road?  How has it affected your lifestyle and relationships?


Do you have a high view of the Christian life?  Do you understand what God is trying to do in your life?  If you had a greater vision of God’s work in your life, do you think that might help?


What can you do to help you get that greater understanding?


What should you be praying for to help you achieve that change?