1 Cor 4 - The Clergy and The Parishioners - Jan 7, 2018

Who do you consider to be a spiritual authority over you?  Anyone?  Who led you to Christ? Who has given you most of the Biblical and doctrinal training that you’ve received?


Have you ever found yourself in rebellion against authority, whether spiritual or otherwise?  Looking back now, was that a good thing or not?


Paul says in this passage that he doesn’t judge himself and his own obedience to Christ.  Have you ever done any self-evaluation?  If you were not doing so well spiritually speaking, do you think you could recognize the “voice” of the Holy Spirit telling you what you ought to do?


Do you think the life and work of ministers is difficult or easy?  What sort of tasks do you think they do on a regular basis?  What do you perceive would be the hardest part of being a pastor or minister?  What do you perceive would be the most rewarding part of a minister’s job?