1 Corinthians 8 - Mutual Edification over Personal Ethics - April 8, 2018

What moral grey areas do you think exist in the Christian life?


What moral issues in society do you wish the Bible gave a more clear command about?


Have you ever had a dispute with another Christian over some more issue?  Whether or not __________ is a sin?


What are some things you do that you know other Christians do not do because they think it’s wrong?


What are some things that other Christians do that you do not do because you think it’s wrong?


Have you ever just kept your mouth shut because you knew that if you expressed your opinion it would cause a fight?  Have you ever wished you’d kept your mouth shut because when you expressed your opinion you lost a relationship with someone you cared about?


What’s more important in the church, being unified about things we agree upon or defining precisely which position we take on every moral issue?