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Who We Are


Faith Christian Church began as a Bible Study in 1975 under the guidance of Glenn and Esther Metzler, who were in Maine for voluntary service and felt God calling them to stay.  They founded Kennebec Mennonite Church which was first located in Augusta, Maine.  Following God’s call to expand, we moved to Gardiner in 2008 and changed our name to Faith Christian Church.

Our congregation consists of believers from all walks of life and those curious about what a walk with Jesus and his family might look like.  We hold fast to the essential doctrines of orthodox Christianity and strive to live in unity and peace even when we as individuals may hold strong convictions that differ from one another apart from these essentials.  In the congregation are Mennonites, Baptists, Methodists, Catholics, and those without any previous heritage at all.  Some of us are firmly pacifists in the Mennonite tradition, others are non-pacifists and have served in the military.  Together we are all one in Christ.  Together we seek the peace of the Church in unity.

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